Our Process

What To Expect

  1. Customer & vehicle comes into shop. Proper paper work authorization and payment information collected and signed.
  2. Vehicle goes into D.A. (Damage Analysis) The vehicle is meticulously disassembled. Looking for all visible & hidden damage.
  3. Information is gathered, and the damage is “blue printed”, color coded and photos are taken by a Customer Service Manager which is relayed to the insurance company or customer.
  4. Parts are then verified and ordered.
  5. Vehicle is put into production and graded per the total labor hour severity of damage. (I – IV)
    1. Total labor hour severity 1-14
    2. Total labor hour severity 15-25
    3. Total labor hour severity 25-40
    4. Total labor hour severity 40+
  • All customers are updated through the repair process upon the vehicle moving to the next step in the process.
  • A quality control sheet follows every vehicle repair and signed off by every FCR teammate involved in the repair.
  • A Frame and or uni-body repairs data record is stored electronically with every repair that undergoes frame straightening in our repair process.

*A limited life time warranty is provided with every repair.

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